Lottery Guidelines

Lottery tips, strategies, math and calculations have been used to collect on the winnings. This site will provide you with links to information that may improve your odds of winning the lottery.

Double-check your lottery numbers. Never give your lottery ticket to the clerk at the counter. Ask for the lottery numbers and write them down and check the lottery ticket yourself. If you have a winning ticket, keep quiet, sign the back, put the lottery ticket in a safe place like a safety deposit box and contact an attorney. With the help of your attorney, contact a reputable financial advisor. Work with your banks manager or vice president, they have more options for the wealthy. Avoid publicity and don't quit your job unless you really have issues with it. Invest your lottery winnings wisely and safely. Use long term Certificates of Deposit or Money Markets. Consider forming a Blind Trust with your attorney to collect the money in the name of the trust and maintain your anonymity.

*Pick your own lottery numbers. Don't let the machine choose them for you.
*Don't use all odd or even lottery numbers.
*Don't play patterns or diagonals on your lottery card.
*If you play the same lottery numbers, check online to see if they have ever won.


Lottery calculations

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There is a system that you can use that will dramatically increase your chances of winning on EVERY single lottery game you play.

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An Oklahoma math Professor talks about his successful winning the lottery THREE times!.

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online tools

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Findout more about online lottery tools. Improve your odds and track your success.

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